Lecture 13: 02/13/2012

Here’s a link to the Path Compression paper handed out at the beginning of lecture, in case you didn’t get a copy:

Prof. Rudich got through the rest of the FFT today, covering the divide-and-conquer approach used to compute polynomials on the way down in the recursion, similar to merge sort. On the way back up, we compose a polynomial p_1 of odd powers and p_2 of even powers to get p = p_1 + x*p_2.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to cover applications of the FFT to 3SUM, but we’ll definitely get to that at the beginning of next lecture.

Don’t forget to work on that exam question due on Wednesday. If you don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s day with, why not spend it with Algo HW :-/

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