Lecture 17: 02/24/2012

Towers of Hanoi and a guest lecturer for us today. We covered the problem from the midterm as well as a variant where the board is in an illegal state and you can only make legal moves to try and get out of it.

We had a nice argument involving potential functions as well.

Have a nice weekend!


Lecture 11: 02/08/2012

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear about 3SUM today but its good to keep it in the back of your mind.

A great brainstorming session today. We came up with some really interesting problems that might show up on our midterm. Try to think about these or similar problems when writing up your problem for next week’s HW.

Finally, we discussed how the non-linear runtime of Union Find comes about.

Try to cover some of the lemmas in the Analysis of Union-Find chapter in Kozen before next lecture.